I like the fold of the top layer . less of the ruffle in the under layer would suit me better. the linen is a gorgeous texture.

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Love the lines and color of the tunic. Blue Gray Linen Asymmetrical Tunic Fluttery, romantic and displaying the refined tailoring of VIVID Linen. Cascading detail for graceful movement with each step.

Cotton and linen dress long skirt Flax thick spring by babyangella: - TOTALLY STUNNING!


dogstar - Japanese Style Clothing fashion boutique in Australia. Online Brisbane Designer clothing - shipped to the world.

, infinity scarfs and scarf knots. How To Wear An Infinity Scarf - A Free Guide To Infinity Scarf Style . Different ways to tie a scarf.

7 time-saving sewing tips, including this brilliant idea to use mini clothespins when sewing piping! And keeping a sewing journal to document all the tweeks you make to patterns along the way

Sleeveless Printed Maxi Dress Women Pullover Sun Dress Beach Cover Dress by Beyondclothing on Etsy

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