Swords and Daggers

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an elaborately decorated knife and chain on a black surface with green bead necklaces
Champagne For Lulu
two knives with ornate designs on them are next to each other, one is red and the other is gold
Petite Jeweled Dagger With Maroon Fabric Scabbard
two knives are sitting on a wooden table next to each other and one knife has an intricate design on it
Deep woods dagger 2
two swords are laying on the ground next to each other
Royal Unicorn Athame
Dagger, Jewelry Accessories, Sword, Daggers
Petite Jeweled Dagger With Maroon Fabric Scabbard
a brooch with a long horn like object attached to it's back end
Dagger (Khanjar) | Indian, Mughal | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
two decorative items are displayed on a white surface, one is gold and the other is silver
Aesthetic Sharer ZHR on Twitter
two different types of knifes laying on top of a carpeted floor next to each other
seven different types of swords lined up on a white furnishing with brown trim
This is some incredible craftsmanship, especially the glass dagger! Credits to @arsynalprops over at Instagram.
two different types of decorative items on display
Aesthetic Sharer ZHR on Twitter
Rainbow Spectrum Tri Dagger Kris Blade
two black swords with snakes on them are laying side by side in front of each other
Oraeus Dagger