chris and eva playing with my emotions

He's that type of guy where you can't quite tell where he stands on the social spectrum; nor can you tell whether he's a good kid or a bad kid.

Noora and William #skam

Noora//You And I decided we wanted a weekend alone so that’s what we got, we went up to the mountain, Shadow let us use his house and you hadn’t really kissed or touched me since I had gotten pregnant, I pull you into a kiss

My babies are so strong ❤️

Sana is having a hard time dealing with her feelings towards Yousef. She initiates a social media war, creating turbulence and disunity within the bus group. A surprise awaits Sana at home. Sana and Isak have a discussion.

skam, william, and thomas hayes image

skam, thomas hayes and herman tømmeraas image on We Heart It

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Vilde Hellerud Lien / Ulrikke Falch

Vilde Hellerud Lien / Ulrikke Falch