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a group of animals standing on top of a snow covered field with mountains in the background
Making sense of mixed messages from the mammoth steppe
The icon of the mammoth steppe, Mammuthus primigenius, is well represented in the Yukon’s fossil record. Thanks to remains preserved in permafrost from the Klondike gold fields and Old Crow.
an artist's rendering of wooly mammoths in the wilderness
an image of some animals that are in the wild
Ancient animals wallpaper (575 images) pictures download:8
Ancient animals free Wallpapers (375 photos) for family viewing on your desktop, download pictures:12
an image of a man riding on the back of a large animal in the snow
A giant riding a mammoth.
two wooly mammoths are in the woods with trees and snow on the ground
Velizar Simeonovski: звери и люди ушедших времен
American mastodon disturbs a cougar guarding its fresh kill on a frosty night. Cougars (Puma concolor) are one of only two large North American cats to have survived the Late Pleistocene extinction. (Velizar Simeonovski | Facebook)
an animal with long tusks is walking on the ground in front of other animals
We Hunted The Mammoth is coming soon
We Hunted the Mammoth
an artist's rendering of wooly mammoths and other animals in a field
Beth Zaiken on Instagram: “Big things in the works.... #bluerhinostudio #muralpainting #digital_art #digitalpainting #photoshoppainting #digitalart #animalart…”
an elephant and a dog are standing in the snow
Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators
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an elephant with long tusks standing next to a man in front of a mountain
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You might say that they’ll eventually change their mind should you ever test that proposition. After all, they’re only really as good as their half of the B2B sales process.
three woolly mammoths walking in the snow near some trees and water with birds flying overhead
Hot Springs by anthon500 on DeviantArt
A family of Woolly Mammoths pass through a hazardous complex of volcanic hot springs by Anthony Hutchings
an elephant standing in the middle of a forest next to other animals and trees,
echoes from the ANTEDILUVIAN • Columbian mammoths, Zdeněk Burian Mornings with...
an adult and baby mammoth standing in the snow
Woolly mammoth mother curling her trunk protectively around her calf. Species lived during the Pleistocene. Common in Europe, northern Asia and much of North America during the last major glacial stage. Experienced rapid decline and eventual extinction globally during the final phase of the last glacial maximum 14,000 to 11,500 years ago.
the wooly mammoths are walking in the snow with their young ones to look at them
Woolly Mammoths by Rudolf Farkas
a painting of an animal with large horns in the middle of snow covered ground and grass
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