Irina Golubeva

Irina Golubeva

С 1992 г Сама себе хозяйка!
Irina Golubeva
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Le Grand Palais consacre une vaste rétrospective française à ce photographe de génie. L'occasion de faire un petit tour en images de quelques-uns de ses plus beaux clichés de femmes, puissantes et sensuelles.

Helmut Newton, British Vogue, London, 1967 Few images convey frantic motion like this one—of a model charging across a British landscape in white Go-Go boots in an airplane not far behind.

queen-simpleton: “ signalrun: “ midnightruin: “ diananock: “ thebeautyofperception: “ ” Aw, yeah, that’s the good shit. ” I love abandoned ruins so much ” the world taken back by nature is my.

Raindrops, like tiny shards of broken glass splintered the silence, moss and earth and pine of a pregnant forest coming alive. http:/

Photographer Julian Calverley is putting all us mortal iPhone users to shame with his latest collection of snapshots and we just had to share. A landscape and advertising photographer, Calverley makes.

"God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December."  James M. Barrie

-Purple pink rose drooping from heavy water drops after the rain. the rosebush's branch bowed down with the heavy buds waiting to burst into bloom.