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Сохранённые фотографии – 438 фотографий

Сохранённые фотографии – 438 фотографий

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skulls art contemporary art heart gold Macabre modern art skull art marble sculpture scultpure heart of life Hedi Xandt blood is the vessel of love skull pictures a message about love love in art

psycho path

Incredible illustration work mixed with rendering by British artist Billy Bogiatzoglou, aka Billelis. I’d really, really love to see these as real-life sculptures and maybe even own a few.

Hedi Xandt

Xandt Sebastian Your response to the cover is overwhelming, thanks everyone for your constant support and faith in my work. Never forget: if you take an arrow to the knee, don't fall for the wrong person.

Isometric illustration

With our friends from Rehab Studio we designed a building that contents four different officetypes for Red Bull . The target of the onlinegame behind this illustration, is to find two hidden cans of the new product Red Bull Total zero and Sugarfree.