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This is a good example of contrast because the hand of the human stands out among the other hands and lays on top. It has good order as well, the dominant hand on top leads the eyes down to the words.

Nostalghia - Andrei Tarkovsky. Probably the most beautiful of his films, but also probably his the thinnest, as far as matter goes. Not much to chew on, intellectually, in this magnificent movie. A bit easy on the subject, a bit vain...

keyframedaily: “ andreii-tarkovsky: “ by Mark Neil Balson ” “Both in theme and stylistic invention,” writes Robert Avila, “Tarkovsky’s sixth film builds on what came before and clears the way for what.

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April Liu - i actually do not support nice sketchbooks I think they take too much time and effort and pull out the perfectionism and insecurity in every artist and you would improve much faster sketching through.

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This is a really famous animation film technique done by one insane studio years and years ago in Germany, only a few films, because of how hard they were to make. Each and every frame of these movies are oil paintings on glass