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Stylized Cliffs: more than 50 different cliffs, arcades, platforms, gravels, grounds, oceans, vistas cut-out cards & “god ray” cards. Highly optimized assets running smoothly even on low-end mobile devices. More than a 45 different materials texture simulating real-world surfaces. 45 different example scenes with lighting.

Interesting, quite simple illustration of cliffs (blurred to created foggy / dusty impression).

Little Devil Inside by Neostream — Kickstarter

Neostream is raising funds for Little Devil Inside on Kickstarter! Little devil inside is a story about a college professor who investigates paranormal activities.

Feng Zhu Design: RPG Rooms - FZD Term 2 students

I really enjoy teaching this assignment - seeing all the fun details added by the students. The goal is to visually describe the personali.