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Miami Beach Art Deco Masterpiece for Sale

Miami Beach Art Deco Masterpiece for Sale. Iconic Art Deco landmark masterpiece designed by renowned architect Robert E.

4 bed detached house for sale in Abbotshall Avenue, Southgate

Four-bedroom art deco property in Southgate, London We featured something similar in the same area back in But this is definitely a completely

Уютный дом

Wyldefel Gardens was built in 1934 and designed by architect John Brogan. In high Continental Moderne style, it is in the community of 22 identical apartments, with curved bent glass windows and beautifully rendered walls and the most exquisite,

This is an unsuccessful attempt to recreate Streamline.  The more I look at it the more awful it becomes.

For some reason this HORRIFIC attempt to recreate streamline is my most pinned pin! Come on people, get a grip, this dump is UGLY.