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a garden with various plants and flowers around it in the middle of a stone path
Turtle Stepping Stone in a Cottage Garden Path | Garden yard ideas, Garden projects, Garden whimsy
Turtle Stepping Stone in a Cottage Garden Path | Garden cottage, Bahçe tasarım fikirleri, Bahçe yolları
an image of a brick with holes in it and the words beecrick written on it
Bee Bricks: Construction Blocks With Holes as Home for Solitary Bees
The bee bricks are the same size as regular bricks and are perfectly suited for non-swarming solitary bees like red masons and leafcutters, which are great pollinators. Made using 75% recycled material from the Cornish China Clay industry, the bee bricks feature openings of various sizes and also add a pleasant touch to any facade.
an assortment of birdhouses and flower boxes on a white background
Brick Habitat for Urban Wildlife Has Insect Hotel & Birdhouse
a metal dragon sculpture on the side of a house
Winged Dragon downspout ~~~ These copper downspouts were designed and crafted by Vladimir Sumchecko, a Ukrainian immigrant located in the Pacific Northwest.
a metal sculpture on the side of a building
Sexy Rainwater Downspouts Add Jewel-Like Detail To Home Exterior
a brick path made out of rocks and stones in the shape of a person's body
#1 Source for Hardscape & Masonry Supplies
Cool downspot idea.
a bird feeder in the middle of a snowy yard
Ceramic insulator rain chain.
two fish painted on the ground next to a tree trunk and brick walkway with trees in the background
Of clay and water, leaves and wood
a house that has some plants in the front yard and steps leading up to it
Want to Build A Rain Arbor? — Snohomish Conservation District
a wooden arch in the middle of a forest with bluebells growing around it
Spiral Coppice Arch | Tim Norris | Axisweb
Spiral Coppice Arch
the cover of swale's guide to sitting and building them, with an image of
Swales: How To Build Them From a to Z