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Sam's Song in Cirith Ungol by vigshane on deviantART - Almost my Favorite Song

An updated colored version of this song from The Return of the King. Sam's Song in Cirith Ungol

The Map of Harnendor and Near Harad

Non-canon watercolour map of Harnendor in Middle-earth (lands along the river Harnen). Map of Near Harad and Khand

.~ I Did Not Know Where to Put This Thought Provoking Piece of Art ~

I felt as small as Tinker Bell trapped in a glass jar. I felt as if someone's hand was covering the lid, trying to hurt me without even touching me.

Alex Alemany

Alex Alemany was born on January 1943 in Gandia (Valencia), Spain. He studied Fine Arts between 1961 and 1966 at the “Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Carlos” in Valencia. Alex Alemany’s realism (and in some of his… Continue Reading →