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Vera Tabray and Mimi Merize
Novi stars | Got them on Sunday while visiting in Georgia Th… | Flickr

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Condition: NEW Brand: Epoch Mterial: PVC,Polyester Package size: W125×H150×D50mm Epoch Sylvanian Families Home Friendly Baby Set Otomari S-76 Doll JAPAN OFFICIAL

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She’s such a doll!

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a green stuffed animal with big eyes holding a baby in it's arms while wearing a pacifier
a teddy bear wearing a green and white outfit with polka dots on it's head
a blue stuffed animal with a name tag on it's chest and some candy in its mouth
a pink teddy bear with a bib and keychain
a small white stuffed animal with a bib on it's chest and name tag
a purple teddy bear with a blue bib around it's neck sitting next to a tag
the littlest pet shop doll is wearing a pink hat
No # MOD Panda
Creators Labo Haibane Renmei Rakka #1 (PVC Figure) Item picture6 Figurine, Haibane Renmei, Anime Dolls, Anime Figurines, Anime Figures, Art Toy, Figure Collection, Figurative Sculpture
Creators Labo Haibane Renmei Rakka #1 (PVC Figure) Item picture6
Creators Labo Haibane Renmei Rakka #1 (PVC Figure) Item picture6
a figurine sitting on top of a pile of junk next to an advertisement for ebay
Shinobu Oshino Figure | Monogatari
a doll holding an umbrella next to a white object
Variable Action Heroes One Piece Series Ghost Princess Perhona Past Blue w/Initial Release Bonus Item (PVC Figure) Images List
a figurine is standing on top of a white horse with black and red stripes
Figuarts Zero Perona -Chapter of Thriller Bark- (Completed) Images List
Figuarts Zero Perona -Chapter of Thriller Bark- (PVC Figure) Item picture1
a figurine is sitting on the ground with a ghost behind her and one eye open