Найди стул - съешь обед

Optical Illusion Interiors - Logomo Cafe Features a Mind-Bending Design by Tobias Rehberger (GALLERY)

Стол в «разобранном» состоянии.

standing portable desk - This piece of furniture not only allows you to be more active by being able to stay upright while working, the standing portable desk is also extre.

Удобный портативный картонный стол.

Refold is raising funds for Refold's Portable Cardboard Standing Desk on Kickstarter! Refold’s cardboard standing desk will change the way you work!

Мебель для уединения.

From designers Pablo Figuera and Álvaro Goula the Orwell combines the best of a sofa, bed and cabin into one well-rounded piece of furniture.

Аквариум для медуз с LED подсветкой.

Аквариум для медуз с LED подсветкой.

Барные стулья

If you wonder for creative home furniture and unique home editing, now you have chance to see a unique letters furniture design. These furniture pieces are designed by Italian designer Claudio Scotto.


Unique and Stylish Furniture from Transformed Letters by Italian designer Claudio Scotto. He was inspired by the most commonly used fonts by designers.