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Мельник Мария
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"Dreamy": I like this picture because it has a cool twist on what we interpret a crescent moon to look like. I like all the different little lanterns and lights that make up the moon. It gives the moon an eerie feel to it, but also a calming feeling.

Kawaii Cthulhu Headdress by Lillyxandra

Our customer requested a pastel pink tentacle monster headdress heart emoticon*bloop* Kawaii Cthulhu Headdress

Photographer: Samuel Hernandez - S.H. PhotoHeadpiece: Miss G Designs​Makeup: Kira Von SutraModel: Ari Dee​

Headdress ★ Photographer: Samuel Hernandez - S. Photo Headpiece: Miss G Designs​ Makeup: Kira Von Sutra Model: Ari Dee

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/195700875/elven-fairy-wedding-crown-circlet-diadem

Elven Fairy Wedding Crown Circlet Diadem Tiara Arwen Galadriel White Opal Butterfly Medieval Renaissance Jewel Elf Headdress - Made to Order