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Статуя Октавиана Августа из Прима-Порта

Augustus is considered the first emperor of the Roman Empire, which he ruled alone from 27 BC until his death in 14 AD - Vatican Museums (Musei Vaticani)

римский форум

римский форум

Алтарь Мира марсово поле

Last week you fixed your toga as a fresh faced Roman and set out on the Cursus Honorum of public offices. Now its time to run for the top job in , it's time to become Consul.

храм юпитера юноны и минервы

Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus (model, Museum of Roman Civilization) - built by the last King of Rome, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus end of century BC

храм портуна на бычьем форуме

Temple of Portunus in Forum Boarium. (Former erroneous designation — Temple of Fortuna Virilis). (Photo by Sergey Sosnovskiy).

Тогатус Барберини

Republican togate statue, century B.

театр помпея в риме

театр помпея в риме

ротонда на бычьем форуме

ротонда на бычьем форуме

римский форум_реконструкция

Roman Forum in its zenith.

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