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Лола Нифталиева
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Realistic Canine Front Leg Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart

Anatomy notes 6 incisors (front canines/fangs, bottom canines are closer to the incisors than top caninesWolf tongues are floppy and thin, but rough to lick flesh off boneCarnivorous teeth .

Sheep vs Goat differences - Infographic - this is serious - we once had a sheep wander into our yard and thought it was a goat, it would have been much less embarrassing if I had read this before calling the humane society

haninan [The dead Veyati king]

m High Elf Monk portrait midlvl forest hills haninan [The dead Veyati king]

These are some beautiful animal character desgins by the Russian artist Erika Tcogoeva. We are a big fan of her illustration style and the fact that she managed to give all the animals their own personality.

Cleaned up notes from the Week 3 Q&A on CGMA! Doggo forearms, forearm movement of the canine and feline, a red fox with pelvic box, along with dealing with frustration was discussed. Speaking of I recently listened to Mark Manson’s audio book The.