Channing Tatum

My favorite thing on a man: a vest. Now if only I could get my boyfriend to wear one.

Andrew England

Andrew England- a little skinny for me but im diggin the ink

good morning

By persistently remaining single a man converts himself into a permanent public temptation.

oopsie, how'd that get pinned?

Baggage Claim (2013)

"If I woke up from a coma and Channing Tatum told me he was my husband, I wouldn't question it." LOL, so true! Watch The Vow.


VGL delivers a sexy start to the week with Click model hottie Kyle Pierce! Photography by Richard Pier Petit.

дин из сверхъестественного - Поиск в Google

Beautiful Jensen Ackles who plays my buddy Dean Winchester on Supernatural. We would totally trade fart jokes and eat our way through a Las Vegas buffet.

natural muscular build

petebrownuk: “ AT THE LUDUS, Capua. The rich patrons who have ordered a private gladiator fight have asked to see the slaves who will perform for them. The lanista has therefore had this exciting specimen brought before them - although he is.

Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz, Holy cow those pants are low :) This is why i am Team Emmett if i watch twilight.