Selling England by the Pound

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the londoner's leisure - the thames, chargaria tickets to the upper east coast of southern england from waterloo & suburban stations
an advertisement for the great western railway showing people playing tennis in front of a castle
an advertisement for the central london tube, showing a woman in a yellow dress and black hat
an advertisement for the new pullman express featuring two women and one man sitting at a table
an old poster advertising the coronation of london and england, with british railways on it
St James's Palace, London Transport Museum, Southport
an advertisement for the best route railway from london to the north, showing two people sitting at a table
an advertisement for edinburgh the royal mile featuring men on horses and mounted police officers in uniform
the london poster shows british railways and carriages
an old poster advertising camping coaches in england and scotland
Deck Chairs - Frank Newbould
an advertisement for the royal yacht club, st andrews's in england with people playing on the beach
an advertisement for the great western railway shows two men shaking hands with another man in front of a train
an old poster advertising st lives - cornwalll, caribs bay and lelant