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Photos: The Best of 1960s Beach Chic: Bikinis, Blond Hair, and Surf Style
a man and woman standing next to each other near the ocean
Diana Dondoe by Will Davidson in Swept Away | Harper's Bazaar Australia November 2010 – Fashion Gone Rogue
an advertisement for the new book's cover featuring two women embracing each other
Eternity Calvin Klein - аромат идеальной отчаянной домохозяйки
two people sitting on a bench with their backs to each other, one holding the other's head
photos by Mario De Biasi
two people are upside down in the grass
two people running up a hill on a cloudy day
Photographer in Dolomites - wedding, engagement, honeymoon with Luka
two people walking through tall grass on a hill
two people standing on the end of a dock in front of a body of water
Любовь романтика пара отношения | Love romantic couple relationship
a man sitting in a bathtub reading a book
My Life & My Heart
two men doing handstands in front of a fence with their feet on the ground