"There is no god" - Anti-religious Soviet Propaganda poster. Someone should show this to Putin, now.

gingerche: “There is no God”Soviet poster referencing a comment by Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin “I don’t see any God up here”

"We will complete coal 5 year plan in three"....Soviet Poster http://www.google.com.eg/imgres?q=soviet+posters&hl=en&biw=1680&bih=885&tbm=isch&tbnid=8D8dY7kquyzuWM:&imgrefurl=http://jcsm.auburn.edu/the_museum/news_releases/2010_06_soviet_posters.php&docid=zJmIFqvdLrHA4M&imgurl=

Vstrachov (Dates unknown) Fulfill the five-year plan for coal in three years, 1931 Lithograph 41 . x 27 . inches From the exhibition Views and Re-Views

1980 Olympic poster

OLYMPIC SPECIAL! Discover the 10 best Olympic poster designs

Official Poster for Moscow Olympic Games, 1980 Vladimir Arsentyev ©Courtesy IOC / Victoria and Albert Museum V: Colour lithograph

Aeroflot print ad - could be cool wall mural for my airplane luvin' boy

Aeroflot old Russian airline poster - wonderful colours as well as great design. I flew Aeroflot in Scariest flight I've ever made.

I've had one of these when I was less than a year old! Vintage Roly Poly Ding Doll Nevalyashka 1970s by cherryshop, $54.00

Неваляшка - Nevalyashka (Misirizzi) Vintage Roly Poly Ding Doll, sempre in piedi fine anni made in URSS

Vintage Russian Soviet Hand Painted Electric Samovar Tea Pot Coffee Urn Teapot

Vintage Russian Soviet Hand Painted Electric Samovar Tea Pot Coffee Urn Teapot

Soviet Electric Razor Authentic Soviet Design by GrandpasTreasury

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Soviet alarm clock with bell USSR Jantar from by SovietUnionStuff, $43.00

Soviet alarm clock with bell USSR "Jantar" from Soviet Union Vintage period