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a white wall with pictures on it and the words how to make miniature picture frames
Miniature Gallery Wall
It is very easy to create a miniature gallery wall for your dollhouse. I share my tips on how to make miniature picture frames and provide a free PDF for you to print out beautiful vintage botanical artwork at home.
some toy animals are sitting on the floor in front of a black and white cow
Dollhouse Flooring Using Popsicle Sticks
Create an inexpensive wood flooring for your dollhouse using wooden popsicle sticks or coffee stirrers. You can stain them, paint them or leave them natural.
a hand holding some kind of miniature basket with the words how to make miniature furniture baskets
How to Make Mini Baskets
Accessorize your dollhouse with mini baskets and bins using just twine, white glue and plastic bottle caps of all shapes and sizes. This easy tutorial shows you how to make miniature baskets of all sorts to fit the decor of any style dollhouse and for any scale. --
a miniature kitchen is shown with the words making miniaturess with plastic pull tabs
Dollhouse Miniatures from Plastic Pull Tabs
Get ready to dive into a treasure trove of dollhouse miniatures made from something you might usually toss in the recycling bin: those trusty plastic pull tabs from orange juice bottles and liquid egg cartons. It's a crafty adventure waiting to happen! --
an old dresser is turned into a craft room
Craft Room Ideas
I recently reorganized and decluttered my home office, which doubles as a craft room where I make my miniatures. In this post, I share my own craft room ideas that fit my eclectic vintage vibe, plus a variety of tips on creative craft room organization.
the shadow box molding technique for dollhouse furniture
Shadow Box Molding — Jessica Cloe Miniatures
a hand is holding a tiny pine tree
How it's made: A Little Victorian Table Top Christmas Tree — Little Architecture
How it's made: A Little Victorian Table Top Christmas Tree — Little Architecture
a dining room table and chairs with text overlay that reads, delibere chandler using balloon lights
Dollhouse Chandelier Using Balloon Lights
an old fashioned stove with the words how to make a dollhouse kitchen island using balloon lights
Miniature Lantern Made with Balloon Lights
some red and white ornaments in a wooden bowl with text overlay that reads diy chalk paint for miniatures
DIY Chalk Paint for Miniature Ornaments
Dollhouse Dresser Miniature Drawer Pulls
Adding miniature drawer pulls on your dollhouse dresser does not have to cost a small fortune. I have a super cheap way to create some antique dollhouse hardware.
the blinds are hanging on the wall
DIY Dollhouse Miniature Tutorial for Paper Mini Blind
a complete guide to the dollhouse wallpaper 12 scale wallpaper guide with instructions
A complete guide to Dollhouse Wallpaper.