Dollhouse furniture tutorials

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several different pictures of small books with flowers on top and one has a flower in the middle
Wie man ein Haus für Puppen und Puppenmöbel herstellt, #Ein #für #Haus #herstellt #HomePaint...
the dollhouse table is using a wood candle stick to create a heart - shaped pillow
Easy 1:12 Dollhouse Table
You can easily build your own 1:12 dollhouse table by using some scrap wood and craft wood candlesticks. Make a small side table, round dining table or even a large farmhouse table. --
dollhouse coffee table with wheels on it and a potted plant in the middle
DIY Dollhouse Industrial Coffee Table
Add a little rustic charm to your dollhouse furniture with this miniature farmhouse coffee table with pulley wheels. Includes a tutorial on making this with a Cricut Maker, basswood and black kraftboard. -- LifeInMini
a table topped with vases and dishes on top of wooden shelves next to a mirror
Miniature Console Table
Purchasing dollhouse furniture can be expensive. This miniature console table is really easy to make and gives your modern dollhouse a little farmhouse chic. --
an open box with clothes in it sitting on a wooden floor next to a bed
Dollhouse Miniature French Daybed Tutorial
Miniature daybed tutorial from Cinderella Moments
a miniature bed frame made out of wood and mattress pad is being held up by someone's hand
DIY Dollhouse Mattress and Bed Frame: Making Festers Bed
tutorial: miniature mattress
there is a miniature bed made out of pink paper on top of a cutting board
La Maisonnette - making the bed
Liberty Biberty: La Maisonnette - making the bed
the round dollhouse chair sewing pattern is easy to sew and includes instructions for making it
Round Dollhouse Chair (Tutorial + SVG file)
Tutorial for DIY round dollhouse chair in 1:12 and 1:16 Lundby scale -
an open wooden door with decorative glass panels on the front and side doors, in a white room
Sliding Door Tutorial