Диана новрузова

Диана новрузова

Далеко от вас / Умная и добрая. Хороший друг и всегда помогу тому ,кто ценит помощь
Диана новрузова
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the eyes have it

63 eyes in ballpoint pen (some I used refs for, but for the most part they're original) Eye Sketches

Drawing tutorial, eyes

If your having trouble drawing a person, think about the shape of the eye first. This way you get a realistic look to who it might become! O my goeh this is the most helpful thing ever with anime eyes :D

More anime eyes! Yayz But this time, I decided to draw both female (top) and male (bottom) This was my first time drawing male eyes, but I think they turned out well Hope you like it

Anime eyes

Lost-and-found contour is a description of a form in which an object is revealed by distinct contours in some areas whereas other edges simply vanish or dissolve into the ground. Anime eyes often use.