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i am not a woman, i am a god.
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Arrival of Ursulines Québec 1639


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a painting of a woman wearing a crown and holding a cross
an image of a group of women dressed in nun costumes standing together with people behind them
New France around 1645 Image Bank - Societies and Territories
Arrival of Ursulines Québec 1639
a painting of jesus standing in front of a group of people
Sergei Kirillov. The Baptism of Grand Princess St Olga. Part 1 of the Triptych ‘Holy Rus’. 1993
a group of people standing around a table covered in blood
Madonna Appears as Virgin Mary, Recreates Last Supper for Vanity Fair Icons Issue
graffiti on the side of a building with words written in russian and english above them
an apple with the words crazy how the very first sin was a woman who ate