Design & crochet lace by Victoria Belvet

AT some point i want to do this kind of thing Design & crochet lace by Victoria Belvet

Кружевное полотно в технике ирландского кружева Урок 9 часть 2 из 2

In this second part, we continue making Irish crochet project In this part you will see how to crochet chaotic mesh, some elements in Irish technique and joi.

Что такое фриформ Урок 1 часть 1 из 2 Вязание крючком - YouTube


Scrumbles Freeform Crochet Tutorial 1 Part 1 of 2 Freeform Crochet Series

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This simple and apparently delicate field flower really is very strong, we find it in fact that it comes out from the asphalt and the cre.