Red Ceramic Canisters

Just because a canister holds everyday staples doesn't mean it has to look basic. Our exclusive red ceramic canisters are so good looking, you'll want to keep them on display. Each one features an inset embossed metal plate and wood top with plastic seal.

Assorted Red Glass Bottles

Assorted Red Glass Bottles from Pier 1 -- now I can't decide. clear bottles, or colorful?

Bright Mosaic Glass 5x7 Frame

Bright Mosaic Glass Frame- I am really into this mosaic stuff. The picture frames and all the mosaic framed mirrors are great.

Rockasan® Chair - Brown

Rockasan® Chair - Brown- I love that this isn't a normal papasan chair. It looks so much more comfortable than a traditional rocking chair

Cloud Step™ Red Paisley Rug

Every sole has a mate. And we think we’ve found yours: The Cloud Step® Rug, a beautifully handcrafted rug that’s filled with plush memory foam. So soft that your feet will forget what tired feels like. At last, true love.

Colorful Beaded Salad Server - Set of 2

Libra Zodiac: Pier 1 Colorful Beaded Salad Server Set mixes well with any salad