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Куликов Алексей

Куликов Алексей
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Wild ///M4 • Follow @TimothySykes to get inspired by the Good Life! Photo by @janb_photography

- Hamann Who drives cars like this? Meet them at Every day they post advice you can actually use from real self-made millionaires. Photo via: by amazing_cars

There were a LOT of memorable images from the X-Men’s Dark Phoenix Saga. To me, this moment was when the gravity of the story really hit. Jean Grey was lost. Only the Dark Phoenix remained, as it.


I've seen those "Minimalist Posters" around and I decided to take a stab at my own versions of popular super heroes This is Part of the Avengers series . The Web Slinger

Spiderman Noir

herochan: “ Spiderman Noir/Rooftop - by Nivanh Chanthara Concept art for video game Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions® (Beenox-Activision-Marvel) ” Excellent concept art for one of th best games of last.

Vai lá bixão. Mata ele sem descer do cavalo. Quero ver aquele critico de espada acertar o coração dele. #SQN

♦ the best and worst part about writing dragon battles in my story is that i have to come up with an entirely different battle sequence for relatively the same creature every single time ♦️ <--- This is so true.