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Миша Андрейков

Миша Андрейков
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So @Dwinawan Hariwijaya challenged me to create a timeline and sidebar screens, and here's my attempt. What do you think, guys?  Let me know any feedback on the comment section. :)  -- Thank you to...

via Muzli design inspiration. Inspiring examples of mobile feeds” is published by Muzli in Muzli -Design Inspiration

ToDo App design found on Dribbble

Good example of an active state, letting users know which section they are currently in. From there we can add a bread crumb style title so they also know what subcategory they are in when the fly out sub navigation dissapears.

No Fitness Tracker Needed: Using “The Moves” App

The Moves app - tracks walking, running and cycling without the need of a tracking device (your phone is the tracking device)