Mens fashion and beard

To shave the beard is a sin that the blood of all the martyrs cannot cleanse. It is to deface the image of man created by God. Quoted in David Maland…”

beards carefully curated — Jared

beards carefully curated — Jared We always appreciate a good beard. G Spot Hair Design.

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“ pomade is working on some very exciting products for all you bearded bastards out there.


Beards have always been an important part of men’ grooming. Contemporary hair style with the proper beard not only portrays a person’s personality but also enhances his looks and charms such as beard styles for men.


40 Updated Beard Styles For Men (2018 Version)

It is indeed heartening that not only men who are young are encouraged to grow lush beards, but also mature men who can look at grey beard styles to look devastatingly handsome.