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a woman holding up a resume and smiling with the title how to beat the applicant tracking system
How to Beat the Applicant Tracking System - Mrs Type A
You found the perfect job and applied. But will your resume even be noticed? Will your resume get through the applicant tracking system?!
a woman talking on her cell phone with the words how to improve the top 4 leadership practices
How To Prepare Your Year End Self-Assessment - Mrs Type A
Nervous about your year-end review? Set yourself up for success with a strong self assessment. Mrs. Type A's 3 tips for a standout Self Assessment!
a woman sitting in front of a laptop with the text how to stand out on zoom
How to Stand Out on Zoom - Mrs Type A
Now that we are all working from remotely, how can you show up well in virtual meetings? Check out these 5 tips to stand out on Zoom!
a woman standing in front of a whiteboard with the words 5 female leadership traits that make you successful
5 Female Leadership Traits That Make You Successful - Mrs Type A
Not sure you can be in leadership because only men are in top positions? Check out these 5 female leadership traits that will make you successful...
a woman is looking at her computer screen with the text, most common job search myths that you need to forget
Most Common Job Search Myths That You Need to Forget - Mrs Type A
Looking for a job and worried you will never one? Perhaps you believe one of these job search myths? Click to find out!
a person sitting on top of a bed holding a notebook
How to avoid the procrastination bug - The Busy Wife
How to avoid the procrastination bug - The Busy Wife
two women sitting at a table with the words, 6 professional work behavior that will hold you back
6 Unprofessional Work Behaviors That Will Hold You Back - Mrs Type A
Looking to get ahead in the workplace? But are you doing one of these unprofessional work behaviors that will hold you back?
a woman in pink sports bra and headphones on her cell phone with the text 5 tips for working out as a working mom
5 Tips for Working Out as a Working Mom - Mrs Type A
Want to get back into shape but don't have time as a working mom? Check out these tips on how to work out as a working mom!
the words, reasons aside from being unqualed you haven't heard back from employees
Reasons you aren't hearing back from employers
As a young professional, job hunting can be tough! Especially when you don't hear back from a potential employer. Collaborated with three professionals who work in HR to create a blog post that will help you increase your chances of getting an interview. #CareerAdvice #LifeAfterCollege #TheUnconventionalTraveler
an instant approach to achieve career success with a simple hack
An instant approach to achieve career success with a simple hack
Imagine If You Could Achieve Career Success by Changing Your Mindset. Get this Free Career Mindset Workbook and finally get alignment on your career and what you want to achieve. An instant approach to achieving career success. #jobsearch #tipsforinterview #interviewprep #jobinterviewtips #howtogetthejob #dreamcareer #careersadvice #interviewpreparation #careeradvice #worklifebalance
a bed with pillows on it and the words 10 steps to quit your job even if you're afraid of your boss
How to Quit When You're Scared of Your Boss - Your Career Homecoming
Want to quit your job but scared to tell your boss? Navigate this anxiety-ridden part of career change with these tips and get the script for what to say when you quit.
a green poster with the words, things not to say in a job interview you say
Passion - Sexy Personals for Passionate Singles
Things Not to Say in a Job Interview
the words, 3 tips for scaling your passion into a profile business
3 Tips for Scaling Your Passion into a Profitable Business - K Design Co.
Is building a business worth it if you can't make a profit? How can you ensure you are profitable and still love what you do? Here are three tips to scale. #business #entrepreneur #creativeentrepreneur #profit
the words 40 common interview questions to make you 90 % prepared before the interview
40 Common Interview Questions to Make You 90% Prepared Before the Interview - LifeHack
40 Common Interview Questions to Make You 90% Prepared Before the Interview
a woman wearing glasses looking down at her computer screen with the words 5 common resume mistakes that innovants make
How to Manage Work Stress with Mindfulness - Mrs Type A
Looking to reduce your work stress? Try mindfulness to reduce your work stress and improve your job performance. Check out these tips and resources!