Wine bottles, corks, and barrels become new and exciting things through crafty DIY projects.
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a vase filled with yellow and red flowers on top of a granite counter next to a couch
Wine Bottle Flower Bouquet
Make this wine bottle flower bouquet for the next present you have to give!
an open wine bottle in a paper bag
Ready, Set… Upcycle! Wine Gift Ideas
Wine tote bag how-to... Ready, Set… Upcycle! DIY gift ideas for the wine lovers on your list
a vase with white flowers sitting on top of a wooden table next to a door
DIY: Cork Board Craft
Make your own cork board with your favorite Missouri wine corks | MO Wine
a wooden cutout of the state of illinois with holes in each side and two screws on each side
Wine-Related Valentine's Gifts
Wine-Related Valentine's Gifts | MO Wine
some wine corks are sitting on top of a table with the words diy cork frame craft
DIY Cork Frame Craft
Make this easy DIY wine cork picture frame for the wine lover in your life | MO Wine
Wine Bottle Tags for Valentine's Day! Find the printable at
DIY Wine Bottle Planter
Upcycle your favorite wine bottle with this easy, stylish DIY succulent planter! Find supply list and full directions for making your own upcycled planter.
there is a sign that says cork tosses on it
DIY Cork Toss Game
How To: DIY Cork Toss Game for your next wine lovers' gathering | MO Wine
three wine bottles sitting next to each other with tinsel around them on a table
Decorate with Wine Bottles
DIY | Wine Bottle | Repurpose | Recycle
two vases with succulent plants in them and the words diy succulent planter
DIY Succulent Planter with Wine Bottles
Learn how to make these chic planters with only a few supplies - the perfect afternoon project | MO Wine
Cork Decor DIY
Difficulty: Easy • 3 foam or paper balls (varying sizes of your choosing) • 75 Corks (collect more corks for larger sizes) • Acrylic paint (we used antique gold to blend with color of corks) • Paint brush • Hot glue gun • Hot glue sticks
Cork Ball Decor DIY
Try this super simple DIY with your saved wine bottle corks. Turn them into super cute and natural looking home decor!