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Knitting_Tutorial - "Rambler Stitch has such great texture! It's a simple Knit 1 Below pattern.Scroll down the page at the link to find the directions." from KnittingGuru


Diagonal Basketweave Knitting Pattern

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Knit stitch pattern Uneven no of sts. Row yo, s next st purlwise*, Row yo, s next s with the yo (the st is with 2 yo's)*, Row Row

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Dense pattern spokes There is a detailed description of the scheme and pattern. Rapport pattern 3 loops wide and 2 rows in height.

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Experimental knit sample with braided textures; structural knitting; textiles design // Emma Brooks

British wool : an exploration of Structure & Fibre

A lace knitting pattern - shaped vaguely like hearts

Free Knitting Patterns – collection of knitted models, descriptions, patterns, charts.

Knitting inspiration: unique cabling

Pretend cables 1 I have literally hundreds of machine knit swatches from the days I taught in a design school program. I periodically revisi.