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an image of a man and woman hugging each other with words written on the back
a poem written in two languages on a plate
Thơ vui: Học 3000 từ tiếng Anh qua thơ lục bát
Funny Facts, Funny Photos
the words are written in different languages
the list for an upcoming album is shown in pink and white, with words above it
the words are written in different languages
Avatar, Girl Quotes, Read List, Romantic Stories, Ways To Relax, Relaxing Music
List Ngôn Tình - List ngôn tình quân nhân
Equestria Girls, Funny Memes, Chinese Quotes, Books Wattpad
List truyện hay ( Đủ mọi thể loại )
Ukulele, Me Quotes, Math Equations, Drawings
#thanhxuanvuontruong #tekien #lamngukinh #thamquyen Film Posters, Movie Posters
Tôi mộng giữa ban ngày
#thanhxuanvuontruong #tekien #lamngukinh #thamquyen
an advertisement with the names of various languages and numbers on it, including one in orange