Устранение дефектов брюк. (Fitting pants / trousers.)

Дефекты посадки брюк и исправления - советы А. Корфиати

Рубашечный воротник на стойке - мастер-класс ШКОЛЫ ШИТЬЯ


Рубашечный воротник на стойке - мастер-класс ШКОЛЫ ШИТЬЯ


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DETALHES DE MODELAÇÃO-30 (via Bloglovin.com )

DETALHES DE MODELAÇÃO-30 (Moldes Moda por Medida)

cowl sleeve:

Lady Gaga Pointed Shoulder Pattern/Technique - CLOTHING - For some reason, I can't get my head around how the pointed shoulder/puff sleeve look is achieved.

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Someday I might find English instructions. I love draped blouses, and this modest one is absolutely perfect for my needs!

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Changing the shape and height of the sleeve-cap alters the angle that the sleeve joins to the bodice and how restricted or not the movement of the arm will be.