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This fall is all about gorgeous patterns in rich shades of gold, red and more.Make your nails look as luxe as your jewelry by choose a few fall shades and add embellishment for an elegant manicure. There was no shortage of creativity backstage at the nea

Navy with Glitter Tips Elegant Nail Design

Looking for some beautiful and refined nail designs and nail art? Our selection of stunning elegant nail designs will help you to get your perfect manicure

Выразительный черно-белый маникюр - Дизайн ногтей

your dream wonder goes with the seeds as u blow the dandelion. It symbolizes what you wish & is considered to bring good luck & prosperity. Take a look at these cute dandelion nail art designs, which reminds us of the innocent life

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The combination of gradient and french manicure – is a very interesting decision, which came into a fashion not long ago. The design is executed with the h

Nail Art #1287 - Best Nail Art Designs Gallery

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15 фото-идей офисного маникюра.  6. Мраморный маникюр

15 фото-идей офисного маникюра. 6. Мраморный маникюр

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