I have recently been to Japan and can confirm this, but the mcdonalds thing was a promotion I guess...

Pikachu McDonalds Code Geass Pizza Hut Attack on Titan potato chips

There should seriously be a website where otakus can meet up and hangout! :) since there are too few people we know in person to fangirl/fanboy with.

"I am an Otaku, and proud!" If you are a true Otaku repost if you aren't, why are you here?

*laughs* lol *stops laughing and becomes serious* it's true thou... I never sleep... O,o

*laughs* lol *stops laughing and becomes serious* it's true thou. I never sleep. O,o BTW Otaku is like when u like manga u know u never sleep


I don't see the difference between the two<< There is a difference, the otaku's room is neater

And this, people, is what I am going to do to people when they say "I hate anime" :) I'm gonna go all Yuno on you!!

Me girl the monster the guy who hates anime in my class basically all guys in my class

Amo muito as aberturas e encerramentos  de  FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood! Principalmente a primeira abertura!

I have every anime opening and ending I have ever listened to on my iPad XD

There are otakus in my school but not in my class

Yea thats way more painful than real serious problems amiright << or you can talk about something else besides anime and manga

L x Light - Cereal me, my reaction :D by HystericalGirl on DeviantArt

Well, so I saw Death Note. WHAT HAPPENED? Yes, I became a yaoi fangirl! And yes, that strange red lines are nosebleeds Pictures are screens fr. L x Light - Cereal me, my reaction :D