Posters of the golden age of Soviet cosmonautsVia BBC “Five decades ago the Space Race was being vigorously fought between the Soviet Union and the US. For a time the USSR seemed to be winning and it.

USSR.  Be watchful and vigilant!, 1951

The Soviet Union Used These Posters To Stop Spies In The "Be watchful and vigilant!

Soviet propaganda poster celebrating the "liberation of the Baltic States"

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Russian poster: Glory to the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War! Glory to Stalin’s Falcons!

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Плакат "Салом сенга, нотаниш, навкирон авлод! / Пушкин ватанимизнинг гуруридир." / Здравствуй племя молодое, незнакомое. Художник С. Марфин. - Ташкент: Уздавнашр, 1949.

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1931-gan-vystavka-rabot-vladimira-mayakovskogo-13.jpg (2422×3321)

1931-gan-vystavka-rabot-vladimira-mayakovskogo-13.jpg (2422×3321)