After the Soviet Luna-1 rocket became the first manmade object to reach heliocentric orbit, it was dubbed “the Tenth Planet”. Viktor Ivanov was an important Soviet artist who worked in a variety of graphics genres. As a posterist, he won two State Prizes and numerous awards in international competitions.

Up for Bids: Classic Soviet Space Propaganda Posters

Inspiring and Intense Soviet Space Propaganda Posters.>We were born to make the fairy tale come true!


The Big Brother Is Wiretapping. Radio Spectator magazine cover by Alexander Rodchenko, Love me some spirograph circles.

Commmunist propaganda! We are all comrades. ("Sino-Soviet eternal friendship poster")

So as a reaction to the recently passed anti-gay laws, Russian gay rights activists have taken various Soviet propaganda posters and adapted them into pride posters instead.

“Report: mission accomplished!” | 19 Fascinating Examples Of Soviet Space Propaganda Posters

Soviet Space-Race Propaganda Posters: Even though the U. put the first man on the moon, this Russian poster declares, "Homeland, your mission is accomplished!

Stalin - 70th Birthday. Designer:  M.R. 1949, Israeli Communist Party (MAKI)

A seldom-remembered historical fact: Stalin's USSR backed the foundation of Israel as a Jewish state, precisely under the rationale of national liberation

Soviet propaganda art book features pull out posters that you can hang on the wall

Soviet Propaganda Art Book Features Pull-out Posters

Posters for the international human rights organisation by Pentagram.

Infantry, - Poster designed for human rights organisation, Witness, to highlight the plight of child soldiers worldwide. Pearce has been a long-time supporter of and designer for the organisation.

Советский педагогический плакат. Чему учили детей в СССР? - История и…

Советский педагогический плакат. Чему учили детей в СССР? - История и…

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