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Uncanny Faces (on going project...)
the headphones are white and black
I like how the shading and highlights allow the viewer to easily discern which surfaces are supposed to be glossy and which have a matte finish. The reflection on the table looks slightly off. Based on the viewing angle, I think the reflection of the ear cup on the right hand side of the image should have a little more overlap with the ear cup.
two black video game controllers with buttons on each one and an arrow pointing to the left
Learn to create a Realistic Game Controller in AI
In the following tutorial you will learn to create a realistic 3D Game Controller by using some basic tools, the Pathfinder palette, vector shape building techniques, gradients, duplicated shapes and more.
a close up of a mouse with an orange light on the front and black back
Speedlink - hochwertiges, preiswertes PC-Zubehör für Gaming und Office.
SPEEDLINK / Produits / Accessoires de jeu / Jeu pour PC / Souris / Filaires / DECUS Gaming Mouse - Limited Amazon Edition, orange-black
an orange and gray electric lawnmower on a white background with the words electronic
biobidet bliss bb2000 commode toilet grohe sensia arena kohler toilet seat replacement roca toilet
#plumber #pottytime #personalhygiene #urinarytractinfection #solemetoiletseatsanitizer #toiletsafety #nomoreuti #faucets #newnormal
an image of a silver and red object on a gray background with the name wayne written on it
Mercedes CLS
an orange scooter is shown on a brown background
Illustrator Tutorials: 30 New Tuts to Learn Vector & Illustration Techniques Graphic Design Junction
an artistic rendering of a futuristic vehicle
an advertisement for nike's soccer shoe, with the names and numbers on it
#soccer #football #boots #cleats #nike #t90