Shalom Harlow as sexy Disney princess snow white photographed by Francois Nars

When reading Rick Riordan novels or watching films written by Steve Moffat.

Inspiring picture art, visual art, collage, black and white, collage art. Find the picture to your taste!

Make love, not war! 10 великих любовников с напоминанием о том, что действительно важно. http://tutdesign.ru/cats/illustration/9547-make-love-not-war.html #illustration, #portrait, #ono, #lennon

Make love, not war!

I’ve worked together with Hong Kong based Milk X magazine on creating 10 portrait illustrations of pop culture love icons for their February issue. AND Anna Kovecses the illustrator of this are all inspirational!

Flat, Silhouette

brilliant on multiple levels -- photo layer, negative/positive space effect, figural shaping ("box") and content match

Летим на Марс: красочные постеры о космическом туризме для NASA — Meduza

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has a knack for pumping out amazing art, but the latest set of space tourism posters is bar none.

Bowl of kittens

kitsch kawaii japanese cartoon illustration of wonton cats.kitty for the chopsticks