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a white bag and some flowers on a pink background
21 Embroidery Projects That Won’t Take You a Month to Finish
four embroidered hoops with potted plants and houseplants in them on a white surface
“I've been a bit under the weather the last few days, but luckily it hasn't kept me from working! These cuties and more will be coming with me to the…”
three pictures showing how to make embroidery flowers
Felted Veggies Cling to Embroidery Hoops by Veselka Bulkan — Colossal
Felted Veggies Cling to Embroidery Hoops by Veselka Bulkan
four different types of plates with designs on them
SEMPLICEMENTE DELIZIOSI... 艺品中国: 绣花绷里的小世界-跟繁复的...
a girl hanging out her clothes on a line with cat and dog in the background
Маленькие помощницы / Little helpers
contour embroidery / japanese style
a cell phone case is decorated with colorful flowers and birds on grey fabric, sitting on a wicker chair
Embroidered felt cozy for iPod.
an embroidered picture frame sitting on top of a red table
Heart Tree Carving Embroidery Pattern & Tutorial
three wooden circles with colorful buttons on them
don't make fun of us california.
button embroidery
colorful stars and crosses are arranged in the shape of a ball on a white background
Evelin Kasikov – Artist & Designer
CMKY embroidery
embroidered flowers on white fabric with green stems and small button holes in center, surrounded by smaller buttons
Search: button
many different designs are on the table with some flowers and other things to sew
Homemade goodies!
embroidery hoop crafts
two little ladybugs are sitting on top of a green felt bag that is attached to a brown leather strap
Buttonbag | Ladybird Flower Bag Sewing Kit
Love this little ladybird kit from www.clothkits.co.uk. Must try something like this with my kids!
a lamp that is sitting on top of a blue box with a red and white design on it
DIY chain-stitch lamp shade...