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Off Roading

Meet the Marauder, the toughest vehicle on the planet, literally. Top Gear, the UK tv show (with an American version as well) went in search of the world’s most unstoppable vehicle…

This 365-day devotional helps couples prioritize prayer—together. Each daily devotion combines a passage from Scripture with a pertinent, heartfelt prayer and thought-provoking reflection on a relevant topic. These themes bring focus that, with time, will strengthen the couple's bond.

This devotional assists couples by combining a passage from Scripture with a pertinent, heartfelt prayer, and thought-provoking reflection on relevant topics.

A truth that the fashion industry sometimes forgets

I like the high shelf above the bed. Still gives you a place to keeps things while still allowing you to sit up in bed to read and such. Plus I imagine that having to actually sit up to turn off an alarm would help you wake up in the morning.