Make time to reflect on the beauty around you...

Beach Reflections ~ The sky is God's canvas. Sunset at San Gregorio State Beach, California


Egret at sunset.rule of thirds draw the eye downwards from the sun onto the bird with horizontal lines forming a framework.soft and warm colours pleasing to the eye with a calming effect

Beautiful Pink Rose

Beautiful Rose Reflection - Delicate pretty things for a beautiful delicate pretty lady - My Nina. You are delicate yet so strong. Me loves you more every day!

Rhacophorus is a genus of frogs which together with the related Hylidae makes up the true tree frogs. They live in India, Japan, Madagascar, Africa, and Southeast Asia. These frogs have long toes with strong webbing between them, enabling the animals to slow their fall to a glide. They are therefore commonly known as "flying frogs".

door Lessy sebastian (frog) sometime you hug because it feels good, other times you are just trying to hang on.

Black Eyed Susans ~ for Mom

Brilliant and bright yellow flowers against a blue backdrop / bokeh color photography ᘡղbᘠ