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the table is made out of metal and glass
Interview Table - Scenic Furniture
an empty office space with blue carpeting and glass doors leading to the outside area
Studio Door
an empty office with a desk and large screen monitor on the wall, in front of a doorway
Industrial Acoustics Company (IAC) America - Leading supplier of noise and acoustic control products, structures, test facilities and aero-engine testing solutions
an empty hallway with a black door and brown carpeting on the floor in front of it
Acoustical Studio Door
a pink couch sitting in front of a black wall with an abstract design on it
Nazca - Scenic Wall Treatment - Any Color
a person reaching up against a wall with their hand on the top part of it
Scenic Treatment - Any Color
there is a display case with shoes on the red carpet and people walking by it
Scenic Area - Wall Treatment
an oval shaped table top on a white surface with a circular hole in the center
Multi-Media Table - Contexting Area
an open door leading into a room with wood flooring and white walls on either side
Courtyard - Asian - Entry - Little Rock - by Rod Collins Architecture and Construction | Houzz
Black Cement Flooring for Newsroom and Studio
a round table with a metal base and an oval wooden top, viewed from the front
Context Table - Scenic Furniture
a round white table with chrome base on a plain surface
Multi-Media Table - Scenic Furniture
a white chair sitting on top of a cement floor
Interview Chair - Scenic Furniture
two chairs sitting next to each other in front of a wall with metal slats
Interview Chair - Scenic Furniture