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Blue Butterfly Meaning and Symbolism of Seeing One
a black and white drawing of a plant on a piece of paper next to a clock
Sketchbook Pages by Becky Paterson.
an abstract painting with different shapes and colors
Abstract Patterns Step By Step Instructional Guide
a hand holding an open book with black flowers on it
Sketchbook Pages by Becky Paterson.
Watercolor Drawing Tip
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Inkjet Transfer With Hand Sanitizer!
Dropping tomorrow: a game-changer video on making inkjet transfers with nothing but hand sanitizer! 🖨️🧴 Sounds crazy? Just wait until you see it in action. Make sure you're ready for this mix of art and hack. #InkjetTransfers #HandSanitizerTrick #NewVideoTomorrow #ArtHack #MustWatch 🚀😎
How to mount a painting on paper to a cradled wood panel and attach a wood floater frame
Difficulty: Easy 1. Make painting 1/2” larger than your cradled wood panel. 2. Protect sides of panel with painters tape. 3. Gesso panel 3x, sanding each layer smooth. Remove painters tape. 4. Apply thick layer of Golden Regular Gel Medium to panel and adhere painting. Use roller on entire surface. Put painting upside down with weights on top of panel. Let it cure overnight. 5. Trim painting on all sides. 6. Sign painting and spray final fixative 3x. 7. Buy pre-made canvas floater frame and follow directions. Materials • 1.5” deep cradled wood panel • 1.5” deep canvas floater frame • Final fixative (I like Grumbacher) • Golden Regular Gel Medium • Gesso • Sandpaper • Painters tape Tools • Drill • Ruler • Cardboard scraps • Xacto Knife • Scissors • Pencil • Cutting mat
a black and white drawing of a dog's face with the words blowwo 5 see more
a red and white flower with black spots on it's center is featured in this painting
Wall art