Solar spotlights will make your garden or yard look amazing at night.

24 Low-Cost Ways To Power Up Your Homes Curb Appeal

green screen garden

Reo mesh used for climbing plants. Pinned to Garden Design - Walls, Fences Screens by Darin Bradbury. - Gardening In Your Yard

Building a Living Fence - I like this idea

Living Fences: How-To, Advantages, and Tips - Modern Homesteading

Building a Living Fence: Osage orange trees (Maclura pomifera), also called hedge apple or horse apple. For an incredibly tough, enduring windbreak that’s a major player in a local ecology, probably nothing surpasses Osage orange.

Как вырастить ананас из купленного в магазине плода за 4 шага!

Комнатные растения

Growing pineapple plants from crowns - no written instructions but the step by step pictures are pretty clear.

Размножение черенками кустарников.

сад и огород

Клубника на подоконнике: технология выращивания клубники

Комнатные растения

Клубника на подоконнике: технология выращивания клубники

pallet barn Pallet Barn in pallets architecture  with Pallets

Upcycled Pallet Barn

make a barn or an outdoor room of any kind out of pallets.(great idea for a place to refinish my DIY furniture . Of for a play house for kids!

Porche Rustico

Designer Jamie Durie framed this outdoor dining room by incorporating a large backyard pine tree into a stone wall. The benches are made of simple fallen tree trunks, an easy, inexpensive way to create gorgeous outdoor seating. - LOVE but trees grow.

Natural branch fence

wattle fence at the Museum of Wooden Architecture in Suzdal, Russia, by kolokolchiki