"These are made to order by a Czech woman, and I'm willing to bet each pair is different, but nonetheless lovely.".....Hohloma - Chech ? How poor is local textile herritage , may I ask ? Who is NOT after the russian treasures ???

✄ A Fondness for Felt ✄ DIY craft inspiration: Felted Mittens- Khokhloma

Extravaganter handgefilzter Schal "Old love" von SASSAFRASDESIGN  Extravagante, handgemachte Schals, Textilschmuck, Hüte, Stulpen, Taschen, Stirnbänder, besondere Geschenke aus Filz, Wollfilz, Nunofilz,  Wolle, Seide, Leinen und  Baumwolle auf DaWanda.com

Felted scarf hand dyed scarf shawl wrap OOAK by sassafrasdesignl

Russian folk

It may not be immediately obvious to you, but this is a map of Russia. It is painted in the Khokhloma style. Khokhloma painting is a .

Valenki da valenki , Aj da kak rasshity , noven´ki :)

Felted Valenki best winter footwear - Beauty will save