Drawing lessons #1

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a woman's face with geometric lines on the side of her head and neck
an image of a man's face made out of paper
The Asaro Head: How To Master The Planes Of The Head
a white mannequin head with red lines on it
REILLY METHOD abstraction
a pencil drawing of a man's face with his head tilted to the side
M a r s
a drawing of a man's head and neck in various stages of haircuts
Structure study .planes of the head in side view Understanding the basic planes of the head using Lo
I actually recorded the video process of this study and it will be available on YouTube link in bio🤝.
an image of different types of eyes
Artista: Cleiber Vieira
a woman's eyes are shown in three different stages of her drawing, and the third is drawn on paper
a drawing of a woman's head and profile
an image of the hair styles for men
Cơ thể người
an image of a woman's face with different angles and lines on the side