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someone is holding some kind of paper with the word bugs on it and butterflies painted on it
Bug Hunt Fortune Tellers Printables - Red Ted Art
Make and get active! A fun little craft and paper toy designed to get little ones running about whilst also learning about bugs, insects and creepy crawlies. A fantastic free printable fortune teller for preschoolers and early years students.
two paper plates with flowers and butterflies on them, one is cut out to look like a wreath
Printable Flower Wreaths - Simple Spring Craft Idea
Lovely Printable Flower Wreaths
a card with some words on it that says, the little children are in heaven
Salvation Bracelet - Wordless Bracelet - Gospel Bracelet - Gospel Colors - Wordless Beads
Buy the Salvation Bracelet here. 60 cents each. This wordless bracelet is also known as the gospel bracelet. Using beads in the gospel colors, the wordless bracelet allows you to share the gospel with children easily.
how to make seed paper with scissors on the side and text overlay that reads, how to make seed paper
Seed Paper - How to make - Christine's Crafts how to make
an array of orange and blue cones with hoses connected to them on the pavement
OODLES OF NOODLES: Summer Fun With Pool Noodles | Macaroni KID Pittsburgh West - Robinson
the instructions for making sponges into hair clips
This looks fun and easy. Reusable water balloons.
some rocks with writing on them are sitting on the ground next to a drawstring bag
40+ Gift Ideas Made by Kids
40+ Gift Ideas Made by Kids