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Paisley Tea Gown 1891 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Tea gown Additional Images Tea gown Date: ca. 1891 Culture: American Medium: wool Dimensions: Length at CB: 60 in. cm) Credit Line: Purchase, Irene Lewisohn and Alice L. Crowley Bequests, 1985 Tea gown, 1891 ca.

She's A Witch Handbag [B]

She's A Witch Handbag [B]

DA персонажи,Dragon Age,фэндомы,DA таро,Алистер

swevenfox: Completed tarot illustration of Warden Alistair for teklacat as prize for winning the first place at my art giveaway raffle!

Alistair's Rose (Dragon Age) by on @DeviantArt

"Happy Valentine’s Day! :D This tarot is a little tribute to first Dragon Age game I played nearly a decade ago and Alistair was my first romantic choice. :D This tarot is meant for any female Wardens of any race who have romanced the cheese-loving.